the littlest lindsey

the littlest lindsey

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cousin, Cousins Everywhere....

The holidays this year have been lots of fun. Addie had the chance to meet four of her cousins! Christmas time the three of us took our first road trip to Pennsylvania to visit Gramma and Pappy Brown. The trip was a little longer than expected but, we made it! Lane was so excited to finally meet his little cousin Addie. He love feeding her and holding her. He did not want to leave her side!

On New Years Eve we decided to go visit my cousin Kelly. It was really nice to see all the girls that I went to school with that have babies now. It is really something to see how close all of those girls are after all these years. They are all lucky to have each other and their kids to grow up together. I'm glad Addie thought it would be nice to finally open her eyes for a picture with her cousins.

Next up was Valentines Day. The last time Kelly, Pat and Leah saw Addie was right before Christmas and she was still pretty sleepy. Now just over two months old she is at least able to smile for a picture! It's hard to believe how fast Leah is growing. I feel like it wasn't that long ago that I was taking pictures of her and her little pucker face. Now, she is running around and reading books! We might not know what she is saying but that's what makes it so cute! I have a feeling those two will be quite the handful together when they get older. We can not wait to see what little spout will be so
the three of them can get into some serious trouble!


"They laugh alike,
they walk alike,
At times they
even talk alike —
You can lose your mind,
When cousins are
two of a kind!!"


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