the littlest lindsey

the littlest lindsey

Monday, March 22, 2010

a much needed update!

Whew! The last few weeks have been pretty crazy! They finally figured out my problems and all is looking well. It's going to take quite a few weeks if not months (and what I've read other places, years) to fully recover but, I'm definitely on the up side. I think the gluten-free thing is really helping matters. Meatfree-wheatfree is a super hard diet but, at least I'm eating super heathy!

The week of the 7th was Addies first week in her crib. When I came home from the hospital I just felt it was time. I always thought I would be too nervous and would end up sleeping on the floor of her room until she was 2. I obviously didn't want to be the crazy mom that did this so, I decided this was as good of a time as any. She slept so well that night. She also did what I feared the most... rolled over in her sleep. I managed. I started using the sleep positioner and it has worked wonders. I think she feels like she is being snuggled and hardly moves around as much. And, the good baby that she is, she is now sleeping around 9 - 10 hours through the night! :)

Since then she has been quite the rollie pollie. She is holding her head up and even scooting quite a bit. I like to think she is crawling already. She is very advanced. :) The discovery of her feet has been pretty adorable. The cooing involved in toe touching is pretty impressive. Since this discovery she has also been grabbing things and sitting up pretty well, still with support. Cousin Leah let her borrow her excersaucer and holy cow did her eyes light up! It may be a bit overwhelming but she loved it! Maybe she liked the independence of sitting up on her own.

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